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Do you have a tip or tool that supports your mental wellness and helps you manage stress? Share your advice and resources for resilience, and you can be featured in our next ad.

Join the men in our community who are taking a stand against the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide.


Meet the Men Behind Captain Awesome

taking time to get my thoughts out in my journal helps me sort through my feelings in a healthy way

Stephen Campbell

Spiritual Guide, Father, Volunteer

Being Awesome requires focus. When your mind feels cluttered, clean up shop by getting your thoughts and feelings down on paper. Men like Stephen Campbell use this technique to sort things out and get back to doing what matters most. “These times are so uncertain for all of us, and that can make us feel like life is unstable. That’s why it’s so important to give ourselves permission to take care of ourselves and participate in practices that help ground us.”

"I practice patience, acceptance and love to master my mental health"

Gene Ward

Counselor, Mentor, Advocate

“Guys, sometimes our greatest strength comes in the form of the kindness we give to others and ourselves.” Men like Gene make kindness a daily practice, keeping the mind and heart in tip-top condition so he can mentor others. See Gene’s mentor experience below.

"I strive to be resilient for myself and my family when faced with life's challenges"

Daren Fisher

Father, Husband, Citizen

Dads like Daren Fisher strive to be resilient during tough times. “For me, helping others always lifts my mental health. Helping my child with homework, cooking for my spouse, or assisting a co-worker on a project all help to lift and sustain my mental health as I know that my actions are bringing cheer and joy to others.”

Captain Awesome Ad "Helping myself, by helping others"

Robert Balke

Father, Husband, Volunteer

Guys like Robert know the importance of giving back to their community. “Getting involved in my community brings a sense of belonging and purpose to my life.” Creating meaningful social connections while offering support to someone in need has a deep impact on mental wellness. In addition to helping a neighbor, you can raise awareness about a cause you’re passionate about and improve the lives of those around you.